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I was talking with a couple of fellow preppers the other day.  We were going over our bug out plans as well as our preps. Something that quickly became apparent is that they had little to no items to barter with.

After a shit-hit-the-fan scenario, trade and barter are going to be the primary forms of commerce.  I personally have already started to do work for trade and I barter when ever I can.  So if you have a small home business or you run your own company, see how many ways you can start to work barter and trade into your business.  It will make life better for you after disaster strikes.  Also, with the rate of the dollar dropping, you might find you get more of what you need for less hourly work.

Things I keep for barter and trade:

  • Silver
  • Bullets
  • Extra Rice
  • Salt
  • Seeds

Never let on that you have an abundance of your trade items. This could make them less valuable or make some one come back later to hassle or try to rob you.  Some people add medical supplies to that list.

Skills are also very handy.  If you have a trade skill such as wood/leatherworking or you’re a skilled machinist or a welder, your skills along could be bartered for food and shelter.

The rule I use for barter is simple:  Trade only for what you need. If you have a fellow prepper, group member, or neighbor that could be a valuable ally or community member that is in a tight spot, you may want consider charity.  Keep a little extra food or simple household supplies to help out others. The better prepared you are the more, you can offer to help out others.

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