Bug Out Bags, Two Bag System





There seems to be a general misconception about setting up bug out bags. I find a lot of people trying to make their bug out kit in one pack when actually in my humble opinion it should be in multiple kits. The idea of trying to cram everything into one pack has many drawbacks.


The first thing is to really think about what you are trying to accomplish with your bug out kit. How far you may have to pack it and under what circumstances. In most cases your bug out kit should be at least 2 packs.


Your survival kit should be one bag separate from anything else. It should contain all your basic survival needs plus anything else you MUST have for survival like medicines, protection, hygene, etc.


Your second bag or pack should have all your WANT to haves like extra clothing, bed roll, tarp, etc. This is usually some form of backpack sized according to your needs.


The reason it is a mistake to try to pack everything in one bug out bag is because if you get into trouble and can not continue to carry everything either due to injury or circumstances, You want the option to be able to drop your wants bag but still be able to continue with your needs and protection. If you are being pursued this decision may have to be made in haste, so you may not have time to sort through and get out your needs if they are in one bug out bag.


This is why we design our bug out bag in a messenger bag with a handgun concealment pocket, all the survival must haves and plenty of room for your personal must haves. Then all you need is your backpack with your want to haves. In this scenario you can drop your not so necessary items and continue with your survival gear.


After you have put together your two bug out bag system you should put in on and do a few hikes with it. This will help you decide what you really want to pack with you, as we usually over pack. Once you have refined your bug out bags then its just a matter of strategic storing. I keep my survival bug out bag in the trunk of my car and my backpack in a hall closet, this way my survival needs are always close at hand.

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